Companies wanting to thrive need to continue investing in the happiness and success of their employees. Employees who know their employers want them to be happy and succeed are more likely to stay at a company longer than they might otherwise. They also tend to be more productive than those who do not feel the same concern from their employer. Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to”.

Companies that invest in their team members receive lasting benefits such as greater employee engagement and higher productivity levels. There are multiple ways in which companies can invest in employees above and beyond sending them to conferences and workshops to learn the hard skills that make a business run. 

Employees need more than just hard skills to succeed

Companies need to have employees who have hard skills such as accounting, programming, writing and advertising. If, however, companies focus only on these hard skills as they consider training for their employees, they will miss out on significant opportunities to develop their employees in ways that can be just as beneficial to their company even though they may not be as easy to quantify.

When companies invest in soft skills training through staff development activities, they assist employees to be more resilient and productive. Employees who engage in such training through experiential or recreational means also become more innovative and team-oriented.

What role does recreation play in improving companies?

Recreation-based learning opportunities can help employees learn the soft skills they need to succeed at their work.These activities can also help them avoid burnout. Employee burnout is real. Below are a few of the negative consequences of workplace burnout:

The effects of burnout can be absolutely devastating to any business.  The good news is any business can take action to help prevent burnout. Proactive use of recreation can help prevent problems.

Investing in quality recreation can provide numerous benefits to employees over and beyond just having fun. Here are several benefits to recreation that reach beyond fun:

From improving mental health to increasing creativity, the benefits of recreation will continue to serve companies for years to come. Allowing space and time for recreation helps employees feel valued. Teams that play together often stay together.

What are the benefits of staff development activities?

Staff development activities help companies in a variety of ways including greater employee retention and a more positive work environment. What makes staff development activities different from regular recreation?

Staff development activities are specific to employee training rather than just fun. More often than not, the focus of these activities is on enhancing job-specific skills and overall professional abilities. These trainings are conducted by either internal management or led by a consultant/outside organization. Topics of training are determined by the goals a company is working to accomplish.

Some of the goals companies might have in mind include:

Setting clear objectives with every planned activity allows companies to be more intentional about the outcomes their teams will experience. Depending on the activity an organization chooses, they can achieve multiple goals through a single activity. Tactile experiences give employees a chance to bond while learning a new skill together.

Ideas for staff development activities

One of the great things about staff development activities is teams are not limited to just one type of activity. They can choose activities that meet their budget, time constraints, and the needs of their team. Companies should ensure they use their goals as a guide while planning training opportunities.

Here are some suggestions for ways companies can help their staff learn and grow together:

This type of layout is valuable because it allows employees to bond over their interests. It helps them get to know each other on a more personal level resulting in greater trust within the team.

As companies keep their goals in mind, they will be able to plan out effective staff development events that will help their employees receive the benefits that come from recreation.

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About Provo Beach

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