Implementing a leadership training program can make the difference between your company thriving and closing its doors. Whether you’re a Utah County startup or a perennial powerhouse, investing in leadership training is critical to developing exceptional managers and enhancing team cohesion. Both elements are crucial to success in today’s competitive business climate. In order to best select the right source of leadership training in Utah for your team, you need to understand what it is, what benefits it can provide your team, and which style best fits your organization’s needs.

What is leadership training?

Leadership training is an investment in your management team to help them grow and thrive within your business. It can come in many forms including traditional boardroom training situations or experiential methods such as those gained through adventures like a  high ropes course. Training topics often include skills such as how to ask the right questions, how to give feedback, how to truly listen, team strategy creation and implementation, and how to have tough conversations.

Great leadership training programs give your team a chance to not only learn principles and skills, but also practice the skills they’re learning in a setting outside of the office. As managers work on these skills in low-pressure situations where mistakes are fairly cost-free, they’ll be more likely to excel in real-life stressful situations. A proven leadership training program also provides managers with critical insight into their team members’ strengths and weaknesses as they work to implement the skills they’re learning.

What are the benefits of leadership training?

Can you actually get a positive ROI when you pay for your company leaders to learn new skills? The answer is yes. Below are some of the top benefits you’ll receive from investing in leadership training:

Greater employee retention

Employee turnover is extremely costly and disruptive to businesses.  Replacing a manager making $60k/year can cost upward of  $30-45k in training and recruiting. Along with the profitability loss due to training and recruiting, businesses also often have to deal with decreased employee engagement. Employees remaining after a manager departs tend to question the culture of the company which leads to decreased productivity. Employees who have to deal with poor management at work are more likely to leave their employer and find another job than those who have great managers. 

 Leadership training, however, can help managers know how to help employees feel valued and secure in their jobs which in turn enhances company culture. This causes  engagement to go up and strengthens team bonds over time. As a result, turnover rates drop and the work environment becomes significantly healthier.

Higher levels of productivity

A great company culture yields higher levels of productivity. Companies with great cultures are more likely to see projects completed on time because individuals find more fulfillment in their work and teams collaborate more effectively. Implementing leadership training can help create this type of great culture thus helping employees meet productivity indicators such as customer acquisition and product fulfillment.

More trust within teams

What happens when employees know their managers have their best interests in mind? They become  more likely to trust and engage fully with members of their team. When managers show they can have hard conversations with their teammates and that they care about the success of others, they earn the trust of their team members.

Trust in the workplace can lead to many lasting benefits such as higher employee commitment and increased employee engagement. As trust among team members increases, the goals of employers and employees start to align more closely with each other, which in turn, increases efficiency and team cohesion.

Develop a resilient organization

Businesses can struggle to withstand tough times when managers don’t have the right training. Proper leadership training can enhance management skills and thereby create  managers who have the skills and knowledge to guide their employees when issues arise. Managers without such training may lack the ability to quickly find solutions and motivate employees to rise above the challenges at hand.

Having a resilient team will pay off in the long run as managers and employees come to view failures and mistakes as lessons learned rather than dead ends. Resilient managers and employees tend to be more optimistic and give back to their community. 

How to start a leadership program for your company

Now that you know some of the great benefits of implementing leadership training in Utah in your organization, let’s talk about how to get started.

Select your leadership goals

Before initiating your leadership training program, it is important that you  identify your main leadership training goals or deliverables such as:. 

What do you do after identifying your leadership goals?

After you’ve identified the goals and or deliverables you are seeking through leadership training,  focus on the training topics that will help you achieve your goals. Training topics help you address weaknesses of your management team. When you make these topics a part of your training regimen, you will begin to take active steps towards your identified leadership goals.

Here are several training topic suggestions for you to consider:

Keep in mind that the topics above are merely suggestions. They’re listed to help guide you as you plan out ways to train your managers to become better leaders.

Conduct your off-site leadership training at Provo Beach

An effective way to have a captivate audience is to conduct off-site training here at Provo Beach With your leadership team learning together in a space that isn’t their usual work environment, you can expect them to be more focused and engaged. Team building activities are more effective when they are away from their desks and engaging in everything from laser tag to high ropes courses. You can expect to see stronger bonds between your managers and greater creativity. Provo Beach can help you run an experiential leadership training in Utah for your team.

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