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KicKee Pants Sample Sale

February 20, 2014, Small Fry Blog will be hosting a KicKee Pants pajama and lounge wear sample sale here at Provo Beach! We are very excited about this.  If you don’t know what KicKee Pants are, be sure to check out their website here: These are some pretty awesome pajama pants and they will be…

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February 20, 2014

New Website

Thank you for visiting the new home of Provo Beach. You will notice some changes in our branding and our facility over the coming months. We always work to make Provo Beach a better experience for our guests and hope you continue to enjoy Provo Beach with your family. Sincerely, Management

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October 25, 2013


      November At a Glance

      November is an exciting month here at Provo…

      What is Your Best Birthday Memory?

      What was your most memorable birthday party as…


      "Our event at Provo Beach worked out great. The event went really smooth, and all the employees were very helpful." —VIVINT.