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Provo Beach is truly a one-of-a-kind facility, with more than 50,000 square-feet of attractions and entertainment.  In fact, a well-known entertainment industry consultant recently stated that “right now, Provo Beach is the premier fun center in the United States.”  We don’t take this type of praise lightly, and strive every day to bring high-quality attractions, food, and fun to Utah.

See below for a list of FAQs. Feel free to GET IN TOUCH with any questions.

Can we rent out the whole facility?

Absolutely. Please email to see if we can accommodate your event.

How do the E-Tickets work with the cards?

No more messy piles of paper tickets that get shredded up and thrown away. For non token-action games (example: skeeball) the tickets automatically go on the card, you don’t have to re-swipe to claim them.  E-Tickets make it easy to save up for the really big prizes.

What sort of group packages do you have?

We have special group pricing for events and birthday parties. Learn more about Group Events 

How do birthday parties work?

Learn more about birthday parties on our Group Events page.

Can I rent out the stage?

Totally. Just contact

Why do I have to have 4 people to ride the Flowrider? Will this ever change?

We do have open Flow hours for those who don’t always have a posse following them around. Currently the times are 1PM, 6PM, and 8PM. These times are subject to change. It is always good to call ahead just to make sure.

Will Provo Beach get anymore Arcade type games?

Yes. We are always looking for the best new games to add to our facility.

Do I really have to have an adult to sign my waiver?

Yes. Bummer, we know.  




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      "Our event at Provo Beach worked out great. The event went really smooth, and all the employees were very helpful." —VIVINT.